Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Paulina Falls @ Newberry Crater

Paulina Falls
Just below Paulina Lake, a dramatic 80 ft waterfall spills over volcanic cliffs into a canyon and is a short walk from the parking lot, Paulina Creek is the only surface outlet from Paulina Lake and has qualified for federal designation as a wild and scenic river.

There is a trail that you can take to see the falls at the bottom, which we didn't take as it was narrow and too long for me at the time after climbing up to the Obsidian Flow so opted not to do it. But it looks like a nice trail for hiking.
Here is Princess enjoying the trail she just has so much fun when we do this.
Here she is on the picnic table waiting for lunch to be served and a touch of tea for her dry throat, she loves tea. No i don't let her have much.
This i thought was an interesting rocks just above the falls.
Looking at the stream that leads to the falls, you can walk around to the other side of the falls and get a different look, but we were too tired to walk any further.

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