Monday, October 19, 2009

This is my World/Peter French Round Barn

Trip to Utah September 2009

Sept 17th Day 1

We got a late start so didn't make too much time but ended up at the Round Barn.

Had to leave two cats at home, Boo Boo and Avery they just had a fit when we tried to get them in the motor home,so Jan said he would watch them along with Shelby and Venus.

Finally getting down the road poor Alice got sicker than a dog, she puked and puked till there was nothing left i felt so bad for her. She just laid down the rest of the day. But by the time we got parked for the night she was doing so much better, ready to eat and play.

The cages take up a lot of room but i think everyone is much happier that way.

I was going to use the larger cage to put Freckles and Alice in which i did but since she got so sick i decided the next day that i would see how they do without being in the cage. Glad i did as they do ride much better.

Not much interesting stuff to see till we got to the Round Barn, of course the place was already closed since it was almost 6 pm they have a visitors center just outside the entrance to the barn. And who would ever think that there would be a visitors center there.But there is and its a nice one. We were the only people there in the sticks, so we thought that since there was no other place to park we would park there.Just got all the slides out and was getting ready to fix the baby bottles when a guy in a truck came up and said that we couldn't park there. But did tell us we were welcome to park just a few hundred feet at the gravel pit, said that there alarm system goes off whenever there is movement outside so didn't want us to get scared. Thank goodness he told us although we don't go out much at night. But our luck it would go off.

Free parking in your motor home. The Visitors Center is more of a museum and gift shop then anything else.Oh and we did listen to the coyotes all night long.

The Pete French Round Barn Located in Burns Oregon
This round barn was constructed sometime in the late 1870s or early 1880s. There were originally two—or possibly three—in the vicinity, but this is the only round barn remaining. They were used to break horses during the winter. Three hundred to one thousand horses were moved through each year. The French family donated the site to the state of Oregon in 1969
The interior of the barn is constructed from lumber that was hauled to the site from 60 miles to the north. The interior is unique in that it is made from juniper posts. The center was used as a stable; outside that, there is a covered circular track, that was used to exercise horses during winter months. The barn looks much as it did when cattleman Pete French constructed it.

Interior ceiling of Pete French Round Barn shows the wood beam support structure

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Big Tree @ LaPine State Park

If you ever get close to LaPine Or, please stop at the State Park there and come check out this huge Tree. Nice little walk to get there.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

This is my World/ The Drive to Chimney Rock

A couple of months back we went on our 4th annual Rver's camp out with some members of the yahoo group that i have. I started this about 5 yrs ago and we have been having a camp out ever since, this yr we went to Chimney Rock towards Prineville Or. Here are a few photos of the drive there. To see other wonderful photos across the world please click on the side bar and join others

Monday, April 27, 2009

Metolius/ Camp Sherman

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I got these out of the archives so that i can continue the trip to Metolius Recreation Area and Camp Sherman. So when going to see The Metolius be sure to stop and visit Camp Sherman

Welcome to the Camp Sherman Store and Fly Shop on the wooded banks of the crystal-clear, spring-fed Metolius River in Camp Sherman, Oregon (population 250). For over 90 years, this has been the community hub, where friends meet to share the day's news, talk about the fishing, stock up on essential supplies, get the fishing report and gear, and enjoy a relaxed pace and neighborly atmosphere rarely found in modern life.

And then check out the History site for some great photos
And then check out the
Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery

This hatchery raises trout, kokanee, and Atlantic salmon. The hatchery is in a park-like setting, with display ponds, interpretive signs, and a viewing platform. There are abundant camping, hiking, and fishing opportunities nearby. Group tours are available with prior arrangements.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

This is my World / John Day Fossil Beds

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I took these photos in "07" as we were driving back from Portland, and took the back roads. Its a popular place. Check out the website for the Fossil Bed. And also the Painted Hills is not far from there. And be sure to stop in the small town of Mitchell and meet Henry the 700 lb bear that lives in a cage

The Painted Hills Unit contains 3,132 acres of scenic marvels unique even in the Pacific Northwest. Located 9 miles northwest of Mitchell, and 75 miles east of Bend, the Painted Hills are visited year-round. Outdoor exhibits and a picnic area are also available for visitors here.Most years, the peak of wildflower season in late April to early May is spectacular.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Metolius River

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A must see when coming to Central Oregon.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

This is my World Tues./Smith Rock

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Please click on photos for much bigger version as with this collage they will look much more impressive.

I have posted about Smith Rock before but this time i have posted about the trail and of Monkey Face Click to find out about climbing this rock. For those that like rock Climbing this is a very popular place. Anyway we have never completed the 2 1/2 mile hike around the mountain. Or have ever seen this side of Smith Rock. But my son and grandson went this past weekend and he is letting me borrow his photos for you all to see.
These are some great views from the top. I think they took some great photos
Here is Hudson showing off and making Grandma a bit ill thinking of him being on those rocks.
Well maybe one day we will take this hike all the way around. I hope that if you ever come to Central Oregon, take the time to check this beautiful place out, whether it be Rock climbing or just taking the hike on the trail.
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Monday, March 16, 2009

This is my World Today/3/15/09

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So this morning i woke up and this is what i saw, i don't remember the weatherman saying that we were suppose to have snow. I took this out my bedroom window, the cats were sitting up there just chattering away, so had to see what they were yakking about, so there were about 5 robins out there just sitting till they saw me with the camera and took off except this little fellow who was kind enough to sit while i took his photo.Isn't it spring YET?
So i took this photo of the yard as i was taking Princess out to do her business. Please take note of the tree and the limbs on the right side of the photo. And then scroll down to the next one.
I had forgot they were coming today, every two yrs the PP&L comes out and butchers my tree, i will take a photo of the tree another time as they are still out there doing a number on it. I keep telling them to move there ugly electric lines and leave my tree alone.Do they listen? NO! They just butcher it. I think hubby said he was going to see about trimming it up better this yr, so it doesn't look so lopsided.
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Monday, March 9, 2009

This is My World

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This was my world yesterday, it started out like this
And then it went to this, almost a white out,It didn't stick for long. I had wanted to take a drive so i would have something to post here but was not going out in this. Sorry nothing pretty to post today.
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Monday, March 2, 2009

St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church

Built in 1920 on the corner of Franklin Avenue,Lava Road.
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Monday, February 23, 2009

Trip to Billy Chinook /The Eagle Watch/ Click here

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Sunday we went to Billy Chinook for the Eagle Watch, hoping that i would be able to get some photos of some birds. An Eagle, a Hawk anything that would fly. Well it was not to be, I think the birds know when i am around so they go hide.I guess they must no i have cats.

Anyway this is what the day started out when we got to Round Butte which is a Private area with homes, We decided to take a drive up there, but the higher we went the foggier it got, also it was freezing.
As we left that area and headed over to were the start of the Over Look, this is what we ran into a heard of deer grazing.
Never knew this was even there.. Nice surprise to see this.
And here are some Yome's. Had no idea that is what they are called. You ask "What is a Yome?"

A cross between a yurt and a dome, each fifteen-foot diameter canvas yome is equipped with a futon and a bunk bed, and sleeps four. These really had none of that in it because they were using them to show exhibits in them.
Be sure that you click on all photos for better viewing, this one you can read after it is enlarged
Please click here to read about what this project is all about as it is very interesting to read the cost of this project to save the fish.

Do you know what these claws belong too?

Well this is as close to a photo shoot of a Hawk, Yup he is stuffed, no luck in me catching a live one.LOLAnd here is a couple of the Yome's that they used for exhibits

Be sure to click on this photo to be able to read the wing span

We were not expecting a free lunch as i didn't read that on the information site. So they had these huge wieners on a bun, donuts, coffee, what a nice surprise that was.

Then we stopped at the top of some of the lookouts to see if we could see any eagles or hawks or whatever was flying in the sky, only thing we saw was a couple of geese flying over.

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