Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A drive to the McKenzie Scenic byway Part 1

We started out about 9 am this morning, thinking that it would be best to get an early start before it got hot and since everyone here was gone early.
So here is a photo of the 3 Sisters mountains in the distance. Look at those clouds over the mountain peaks.
On the way to Sisters you will come to the KOA campground, this has really intrigued me as we have been getting a lot of people that have stopped there to camp out for the night, well come to find out there is NO tent camping allowed in this KOA now how stupid is that? Did they not start out as being a tent camping organization, the so to speak meat of camping? Well i guess that is why they are so darn spendy to stay at, we avoid them like the plague, as the are very expensive. Nothing makes me madder being a motel owner than to run into a campground that charges more to camp then it i charge for a room that i have to supply everything too. What do you get? Do they have a bed,and clean sheets, do they supply you with your own tv? well you get the picture no need to go into all the things.
Love this setting with all those tall trees
This is on the outskirts of Sisters a campground just past this and a mobile home and Rv park across from it.
Here is the beginning of town. Till next post i will have some more shots of the city of Sisters on the main street.
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PERBS said...

You would think a campground would have room for both tents and motor homes. I guess the almighty dollar is the deciding factor. Not much upkeep if you have parking spaces instead of areas to camp with tents!