Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Part 2 of McKenzie trip The town of Sisters

Ok so this is part 2 of our trip down the streets of the Historic Town of Sisters, what makes Sisters so popular? Well this is the main streets that we are going down, i didn't take the back side of the streets, but every building along the way is shops and more shops, a haven for you folks that love to shop, Not my cup of tea .LOL Be sure to click on Sisters so that you can read about the town and what is there for you pleasure .It also holds the Quilt show in the second weekend of July for those that love quilting

So here is the sign to go to McKenzie Hwy, which is my next post


Anonymous said...

Great photos of Sisters - I've always wondered what it looks like there. My mom goes there for the big quilt show (this isn't any quilt show - this is the Big Mama of quilt shows, apparently) just about every year. It's almost like a pilgrimage and it seems that anyone who quilts knows about Sisters.

PERBS said...

I have never had the opportunity to go there. I am sure I would love the quilt show there. I wonder if Katney has been there? She is a big quilting buff.

Thanks for the tour!