Monday, January 26, 2009

My world

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My world this week has more snow and very cold temperatures.
We saw this house at Romaine Village, i have seen it several times before but never had a camera, i made Nevada stop so i could grab this photo. I didn't see the water wheel so i assume that they have it closed for the winter, He makes all this stuff and the water wheel is so neat. I almost bought one a few yrs ago.
So yesterday it snowed again so when we went out again this morning i had to snap this photo of the mountains again, although it was really cold the sun was shining.
And one of Princess's favorite thing to do is play ball, she left it in the yard and so she had to sniff for it to find it. She sure has fun rolling around on the ground and rolling her ball. Isn't she cute with all that snow around her face?
I had to take a photo of my Lilac Bush as i thought it was kind of neat how just a small ball of snow layed in between the branches.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This is My World/ Freezing fog

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My world this week has been blue skies during the day and freezing fog at night,makes for pretty photos

Monday, January 12, 2009

That's My World Tues

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Saturday I found some shelves on Craig's list the kind that are for garages and what ever, anyway the guy had 5 of the shelves and Nevada has been looking for some. So these were still in the box, never used. The guy was planning on putting them in his garage but then decided to sell his place and move back to Wisconsin. So we got a real good deal on them. So our trip took us out to Crooked River Ranch area again. So here is a photo of the clouds.Love that formation, make sure you click on the photo so you can see it better
This is the Crooked River a view from his house, he does have a nice view of the mountains too.
Nice huh?
On the way back home we sort of got turned around and anyway i never realized that there were so many deers in the area. Here is a few laying in these peoples yard, there actually were about 30 deer in there yard and just a ways down the road there must of been another 20 or 30 I now have been told it is a sort of refuge for the deer out there. Which i think is neat as i really hate to see them killed. But boy you sure can't grow anything out there.
And then as we were driving i saw this cloud and be sure you click on the photo to get a much better view of it with all the colors around it.When i saw it i was hoping that the photo would turn out good and clear. I don't ever remember seeing a cloud with so many colors around it.I bet DewDrop would know what its called.

Well that was my world on Sat. Now i will come and check out yours.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mt Bachelor

My son took these photos of Mt Bachelor last year when he and my grandson went skiing . Need to get him to take some new photos this yr.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Rainbow of hope for the New Year

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The first day of the New Year we had to go out for medication, and as we were driving along we saw this rainbow, and i call it rainbow of hope for the New Year. With everything that is happening throughout our country and other parts of the world. I hope that we all find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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