Monday, February 23, 2009

Trip to Billy Chinook /The Eagle Watch/ Click here

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Sunday we went to Billy Chinook for the Eagle Watch, hoping that i would be able to get some photos of some birds. An Eagle, a Hawk anything that would fly. Well it was not to be, I think the birds know when i am around so they go hide.I guess they must no i have cats.

Anyway this is what the day started out when we got to Round Butte which is a Private area with homes, We decided to take a drive up there, but the higher we went the foggier it got, also it was freezing.
As we left that area and headed over to were the start of the Over Look, this is what we ran into a heard of deer grazing.
Never knew this was even there.. Nice surprise to see this.
And here are some Yome's. Had no idea that is what they are called. You ask "What is a Yome?"

A cross between a yurt and a dome, each fifteen-foot diameter canvas yome is equipped with a futon and a bunk bed, and sleeps four. These really had none of that in it because they were using them to show exhibits in them.
Be sure that you click on all photos for better viewing, this one you can read after it is enlarged
Please click here to read about what this project is all about as it is very interesting to read the cost of this project to save the fish.

Do you know what these claws belong too?

Well this is as close to a photo shoot of a Hawk, Yup he is stuffed, no luck in me catching a live one.LOLAnd here is a couple of the Yome's that they used for exhibits

Be sure to click on this photo to be able to read the wing span

We were not expecting a free lunch as i didn't read that on the information site. So they had these huge wieners on a bun, donuts, coffee, what a nice surprise that was.

Then we stopped at the top of some of the lookouts to see if we could see any eagles or hawks or whatever was flying in the sky, only thing we saw was a couple of geese flying over.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pak -It -Place

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Today we went to find a couple of garage sales with little luck, but did find a few,picked up a few things, but then Hubby wanted to go to Pak-It- Place Which is one place i just feel so out of place in. It reminds me a the dump which most of the stuff needs to be. It gets worse every time we go there which is not all that often thank goodness. Well i stayed in the car while he went looking but it didn't take him long to come back, saying I just can't handle that mess. I wonder just how much he actually sells there, as i can't imagine anyone wanting to go thru all that junk, actually I don't think it can be all that safe.




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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Headline News / Millican For Sale

So today we went to town and i happened to glance at the newspaper. And Guess what? It made news again. Click here and hopefully you can read the article, i am not sure how long it will stay on on the web for viewing.

Monday, February 9, 2009

What does Millican Have to Offer?

Continued from my trip from last week.
This is my World:
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Ok so I will tell ya what it has to offer. Your thinking that there is no way there would be an Observatory out here in the desert. Elevation is 6300 ft So bring warm clothes even in the summer
But as you drive down this road it will take you to the hills were you will go to the Observatory. Unfortunately it was closed.
And this is what we ran into, Icy roads that we decided that it was only getting worse with not much of a chance to turn around, so we found the first turn out we could and got out of there.
If you click on the photo i think you should be able to read this sign.
I had to take a photo of the mountains, so you see you can see these mountains just about anywhere you go in and around Bend on a clear day. So i went into my archive photos of a few yrs ago and came up with these photos.Here is Nevada on the walk way. It was a beautiful day, and no we did not stay for the night to see the stars.Maybe one of these days we will have to do that.

There is a store there as well. But i think it was closed when we were there, i believe they are only open on the weekends.
And here is the camping area, if you click here it will take you to there website if you didn't already click on the header

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Town of Millican Or

Well in my last post i said i would share the town of Millican, the smallest town. So here is what you have, An old shack, not sure what it was used for. But sure has seen its better days.
And here is what's left of the rest of the town. Nothing but a old run down store that has been vandalized. Now if you would like to buy this small town it is for sale. This is what you get.
At one time it had a Rv Park, not sure how many yrs ago cause i really don't ever remember seeing anyone parked there in the 16 yrs we have lived in this part of country.
So here is the front of the store with the for Sale Sign on it.
Be sure to click on the photos for better viewing.
Now come back tomorrow for the rest of what Millican really has to offer that is an interesting place to visit in the summer time.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

China Hat Rd

Our trip carried us on and down a side road, can't remember what the number of the road was but it turned out to lead us to Millican Or.
Here we passed a couple of rigs that had there Atv's or motor cross bikes, having a great time i am sure.

Here is a sign that we passed leaving East Fort Rock Trail. we continued on
And saw this sign Entering South Millican. If you click on the photos you can read them
No matter were you go in the desert you can usually see these beautiful mountains.
And it is always amazing when we go, you will find a ranch somewhere you never would think anything would be out here, Here is a ranch and i am not sure if anyone lives there or not, i had to Zoom in on it to be able to capture this much of it. NO Electric out here.

Here is a watering trough that i am not sure still is in use or not, Maybe in the spring they bring some cattle out here, always surprised to see them and wonder what they really eat, and how can they maintain there weight. Maybe the desert has more food value then we think.

Here is a sign as we to get to Hwy 20 and back to China Hat Rd. It sure seemed like it was further than what we drove, but i guess when your driving slow it just seems that way.And i hope that you see all that desert sage and rocks
And it is always surprising to run into things like this out in the desert making you wonder what it was, I wanted to get a better look but there were signs up that said Private Property Stay out. So again i had to zoom in. Nevada thought it might of been a motorcycle race tracking or something to do with that.

And just as we got back on the main Hwy 20 here was this little doll house along with a tractor trailer, looks like it had been just laying there for years. Makes me wonder why this little doll house was there.
Check back to get the rest of our trip to Millican Or.
Deep in the high desert of Central Oregon, on a lonely terrain thick with sage brush and juniper trees where there are far more antelope, bobcats and jack rabbits than people, lies one of America's tiniest towns.Quote from the New York Times.

Monday, February 2, 2009

This is My World/China Hat Rd. Caves

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Sunday was our day to finally get out and take a drive, we have not been out much this winter and i have to say i was feeling the caved in feeling of being housebound, do you ever feel that way?
Well anyway it was also Super Bowl and since we are not into football it was a good time to head out and enjoy some driving time and scenery time.
So we headed out to China Hat Rd, which is forest land and also had many side roads to explore along with some campgrounds. Also very popular for off road vehicles .
There is also a few caves out that way, which really arn't marked that well. But we did find a couple. Have to say i am not brave enough to go into them.Specially since it is hard to get too.Besides i don't like dark areas.

No signs to let ya know there are caves here but they have it all blocked off so that you can't drive your rigs on the path. So we started walking the trail and our first find was this one, a big hole in the ground as you can see if you enlarge the photos nothing but rocks in this part of the country, LAVA all around us.
Nevada and Princess walking on the trail, here is the hole that will lead you to the cave if you want to explore.
And here is the entrance to the cave.
As you can see the rim of the hole and all that rock.I will continue this drive on my next post so come back and check out the rest of the trip

The primitive campground is in a remote area of the Deschutes National Forest at 5,100 feet elevation. There are 14 sites for tents, trailers and RVs up to 30 feet. There are picnic tables, fire grills, and vault toilets, but no piped water. The campground is open from May to late October, weather permitting. No reservations are accepted and there is no fee. To reach it, drive east on USFS Rd 22 for 30 miles, then north on USFS Rd 18 for six miles.