Monday, December 29, 2008

Pioneer Park / Kirtsis Swim Tank

This is my World

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I wanted to finish the walk we did at Pioneer Park after the Parade so here are a few more photos. The interesting part of this walk is that we discovered that it also had a swim tank. Who would of guessed.

Sign is located near the northwestern corner of Pioneer Park.

C9 - Kirtsis Swim Tank
Purportedly the largest outdoor swimming tank in the state in the 1920s was located in Bend on the banks of the Deschutes River, just downstream from Pioneer Park. The 50 x 150 foot steel tank held 330,000 gallons of water. The water came directly from the Deschutes River, was heated by a burner that utilized sawdust from Bend sawmills, and then returned to the river. The swimming tank was part of the Bend Auto Court complex built in 1927 by the three Kirtsis brothers, immigrants from Greece who had earlier homesteaded east of Bend. The tank was open to the public, in addition to Auto Court guests, and the daily entrance fee was 10 cents.
Built: 1927

If you look at the were the ripples of the water is you can almost see were the pool might of been. Please enlarge the photos for better viewing

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Monday, December 15, 2008

This is my world

This is my World

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In my world this week we are having some really cold weather, and our first real snow. I know there are places that have it worse then us, so i really shouldn't be complaining. But our temperature has dropped to -1 at one point. It is suppose to be that way for a couple more days.
Anyway here is a photo of that stray cat that has the babies i can't find. I finally decided to bring her into the office. Do you think she is one Happy Cat? Problem is she has babies and so i have to let her out several times a day, which she is not liking. Now talk about spoiled, I carry her to the edge of the property,put her under the Juniper tree were she goes potty and leave her, she then goes and feeds her babies were ever they are,we looked early this morning at the cable place and found her tracks and then they stopped. She has them hid well.

So everyone is doing a lot of snow shoveling, i love the hat this guy is wearing, keeps everything on the head nice and warm.
So what is the temperature in your part of the world?

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

After the Christmas Parade

Posted by PicasaAfter we went to the Christmas Parade we decided to stay at Pioneer Park as the traffic was real heavy, so thought we would check this park out. The ducks and geese were plentiful.... It is well known for weddings, check the site out for more information.

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Monday, December 8, 2008

This is my World

This is my World
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Sat was the Christmas Parade here in Bend, this was the second one that we have gone too in 16 yrs. Usually it is so cold that i don't enjoy standing out there and fighting the crowds, but this yr the weather was 57 degrees, what a great day. So i want to share a few of my favorites that was in the parade.

Of course Santa and the reindeers has to be the best.......
And look at this Cat Mobile isn't it fantastic? Look at the eyes here.
The Beaver
Not sure if i like more, the snowman or the car, but i guess both are cute
And then there are these cuties, i hope that you click on the photos to see these neat dogs all hooked up to the sled. So darn cute.
This one is really cute too.
When they were going down the street they had these flops on that really looked like web feet.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Future home of Riverbend Community Park

This is my World
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Saturday we decided to take a drive and check out the other side of the Old Mill District were the new park has been going in, our first time to actually visit and take a walk. One thing about Bend we have many Parks for your strolling pleasure.
Click on the photo to see what it will look like when totally completed.
Here is a play area for the kids
Rock climbing anyone? The kids looked like they were having a great time
Also click on this photo to see the bridge and the ducks
The buildings here are some of the industrial buildings, guess i need to go see what they all have in them. Also they have part of this blocked off so they can put more pavers in for the side walk. Can't imagine what all this has to cost.But sure is pretty
Had to catch the sun in the water and the reflections of the tree. I must say the weather for the Thanksgiving week couldn't of been more perfect. Mostly running around 65 to 68 degrees. Just gorgeous. But not good for our ski resort.
And here is a fellow canoeing looks like he was enjoying himself.
So that is my world this week, Hope that you enjoyed my part of the world?