Monday, August 11, 2008

Big Obsidian Flow

Today we decided to take a drive to Newberry Caldera Area and take a hike up the Big Obsidian Flow, Boy was I out of shape on that hike to start off with, should of done some walking before hand. Be sure if you go walk and stretch before climbing up there. But what a view you will have once you get there.

Located about a mile south of the trailhead, over 170 million cubic yards of obsidian and pumice erupted from a vent of Newberry Volcano only about 1,300 years ago, making this flow one of the youngest geologic events in Oregon. Native Americans used the obsidian glass for trade and to create tools. "Collecting of Obsidian is Prohibited".

Here are the stairs that you will have to climb to get to the top and continue on. Oh and wear something better than thongs as i had a bit of a problem in a few little areas lots of rocks on the walk way.I had forgotten that, I thought it was all clear.We had to carry Princess up and down these stairs , although we weren't the only ones having to carry our fur kids, ours was just smaller. Here is some of the obsidian rocks up close, click on photos for a much better view
Here is a view of a stream that had a lot of algae in it. But a nice view
Enlarge and you may be able to read some of this.

Here is Princess enjoying the stroll along the path and smelling all the new scents.
Another great site to see if you enlarge

Yes they have benches along the trail so you can rest and enjoy the scenery

A lonely tree growing in all of that Obsidian, Here is Nevada and Princess taking a rest
And when you get to this point you can see Paulina Lake.My next post

Another lonely tree starting among the rocks.Makes you wonder what keeps it growing.

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