Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Part 3 McKenzie Byway

So here is the road to the Observatory i wanted to share the drive with you. So many of the trees are dead and look like there might be a desease on them.Hope you enjoy the ride . Next post will be the Observatory.

This pass only allows vehicles up to 35 ft so motor homes any longer than that can not go there. And to tell ya the truth i wouldn't even think about taking our 30ft motor home thru there. That road is very narrow and in some spots very curvy. So think twice before taking any thing longer than 25ft.

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PERBS said...

There can't be a whole lot of traffic along that road when you are going thru so tell Nevada to slow down so you can zoom in and not get the windshield! lol That blue sky is wonderful and I was imagining the shot if you had zoomed in a little to exclude the windshield. . . a great shot!