Monday, October 19, 2009

This is my World/Peter French Round Barn

Trip to Utah September 2009

Sept 17th Day 1

We got a late start so didn't make too much time but ended up at the Round Barn.

Had to leave two cats at home, Boo Boo and Avery they just had a fit when we tried to get them in the motor home,so Jan said he would watch them along with Shelby and Venus.

Finally getting down the road poor Alice got sicker than a dog, she puked and puked till there was nothing left i felt so bad for her. She just laid down the rest of the day. But by the time we got parked for the night she was doing so much better, ready to eat and play.

The cages take up a lot of room but i think everyone is much happier that way.

I was going to use the larger cage to put Freckles and Alice in which i did but since she got so sick i decided the next day that i would see how they do without being in the cage. Glad i did as they do ride much better.

Not much interesting stuff to see till we got to the Round Barn, of course the place was already closed since it was almost 6 pm they have a visitors center just outside the entrance to the barn. And who would ever think that there would be a visitors center there.But there is and its a nice one. We were the only people there in the sticks, so we thought that since there was no other place to park we would park there.Just got all the slides out and was getting ready to fix the baby bottles when a guy in a truck came up and said that we couldn't park there. But did tell us we were welcome to park just a few hundred feet at the gravel pit, said that there alarm system goes off whenever there is movement outside so didn't want us to get scared. Thank goodness he told us although we don't go out much at night. But our luck it would go off.

Free parking in your motor home. The Visitors Center is more of a museum and gift shop then anything else.Oh and we did listen to the coyotes all night long.

The Pete French Round Barn Located in Burns Oregon
This round barn was constructed sometime in the late 1870s or early 1880s. There were originally two—or possibly three—in the vicinity, but this is the only round barn remaining. They were used to break horses during the winter. Three hundred to one thousand horses were moved through each year. The French family donated the site to the state of Oregon in 1969
The interior of the barn is constructed from lumber that was hauled to the site from 60 miles to the north. The interior is unique in that it is made from juniper posts. The center was used as a stable; outside that, there is a covered circular track, that was used to exercise horses during winter months. The barn looks much as it did when cattleman Pete French constructed it.

Interior ceiling of Pete French Round Barn shows the wood beam support structure

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