Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Les Schwab Tire HeadQuarters

The other day we drove by the new Les Schwab Tire HeadQuarters to see how things are going, my that place is huge, certainly is going to be nice when the whole project is done. So here is a few photos of what the building was like in Prinville

Les Schwab Tire Centers’ corporate headquarters in Prineville currently employs about 320 people. The company will move those jobs to a new facility in the Juniper Ridge development in Bend, leaving about 800 employees in the operations center in Prineville.

This is what its suppose to look like when its finished, huge huh?
And here are a few photos i took of it

Had to share this photo of the clouds above looks like a crown don't you think?
Be sure to click on photos for better viewing


PERBS said...

Now that is one huge facility! I like it that they have all those trees planted around it!!!!!!!!! Love the crown cloud!

Tanesia said...

Great work.