Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lake Billy Chinook

History of Billy Chinook

Lake Billy Chinook has existed since 1964 when
Portland General Electric constructed the Round Butte
Dam. The lake was named for Billy Chinook, a well known
Wasco Indian scout from the Warm Springs
region who traveled with explorer John Fremont in
PGE operated the Round Butte Hydroelectric Project
until 1999 when it entered into an agreement with The
Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs to co-manage
the hydroelectric facilities. The project generates approximately
800,000 megawatts electricity per year for
residents in the Portland metropolitan area.
Surrounded by mostly public lands, Lake Billy Chinook
includes 72 miles of shoreline and a surface area of
4,000 acres. Its deepest point is 400 feet at Round Butte
The reservoir stays full, or within one foot of full,
from June 15-September 15.

Lake Billy Chinook’s varied catch includes Kokanee (sockeye
salmon), small and largemouth bass, and many trout species.
The lake is especially well known for its bull trout fishery. Both
a tribal angling permit and a state of Oregon fishing license are
required to fish on the Metolius arm, which has a limited season.
You can buy tribal angling permits at The Cove Palisades
Marina or from local convenience stores. The Crooked River
and Deschutes arms of the lake are open year-round. Craw fishing
is also popular. An ADA accessible fishing platform is
located at the Crooked River Day-Use Area. Two floating
restrooms for boaters and anglers are anchored off the Kettle
Falls area near the Round Butte Dam and along the Deschutes
arm downstream of the Lower Deschutes Day-Use Area.

Well another day in beautiful Central Oregon till next time
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Old Mill District

So today I decided to take a drive through the Old Mill District so that you can see some of what its like. Yup a lot of shopping if you like that, and no I didn't do any as I don't like to shop, leaving that up to you when you come.

History of the Old Mill District:
I borrowed this information for your reading pleasure so hope no one minds

The City of Bend graces the Banks of the Deschutes River, which is draped like a silver ribbon between the Cascade Mountain Range and the high desert plateaus of Oregon's central interior.

Originally a small mill town, Bend has emerged as a full service city, the largest city in Central Oregon and Oregon's fastest growing.

Drake Park's Mirror Pond, Bend, Oregon

Timber Sawmills Defined Bend Oregon's Early Development

Around the turn of the 20th century, trappers, ranchers, and loggers carved out a living near the town thatshevlin_hixon_mill.jpg eventually became the Deschutes County Seat. Then as now, Bend is the commercial, retail, and service center for a region that nearly stretches from the Washington State line to the California border. With the arrival of a rail line to Bend in 1911, lumber and agricultural products could be economically shipped to outside markets.

By the 1920's three mills operated by Shevlin-Hixon and two operated by Brooks-Scanlon dominated the local economy and brought significant population and employment growth. By the 1950's, timber resources began to show signs of strain, when Shevlin-Hixon closed all three mills and sold its Central Oregon holdings to Brooks-Scanlon. In an effort to better utilize the declining supply of wood fiber, timber companies diversified into moldings, particleboard and plywood manufacturing during the 1960s and 70s.

The Old Mill District in Bend Oregon Today

old mill marketplace bond street townhome bend oregon
The Mill Quarter is on the same property where Brooks Scanlon operated their plant. Several historic buildings have been renovated and provide a workplace for a variety of businesses.

In the early 1980's the community hit an economic low point with nearly a quarter of the workforce unemployed. About this time community leaders pursued tourism development as an additional leg to its economic foundation and as a tool for broader diversification efforts. Success of this strategy has been felt through the 1990s as the community attracted new investment in nearly all sectors, and through a solid "critical mass" of quality amenities for both residents and visitors, has also built an industry presence in computer software and hardware, medical equipment, aerospace, and recreation equipment manufacturing.

Regal Cinemas 16 check here for show times

I saw this as we were driving by and just took a photo not realizing what it really was till I downloaded the photos so Here is the link to the Working Wonders Children Museum . I had never heard of it before. So if you have small kids and coming to the area it may be something to check out, check there scheduleing to see what they have planned.

So I hope you enjoyed the ride down some of the streets and i know you will make your own photos if you ever get here. And be sure to Click on all photos for better viewing

Well another day in beautiful Central Oregon till next time

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Smith Rock

Smith Rock has 651 acres which hovers around 3,ooo ft in elevation. It is open year round a day pass or yearly pass is required.
There are some fabulous hiking trails that you can see some beautiful views surrounding the area. You can walk along the river or do a half day walk along the loop. It truly is a beautiful area to hike and explore.

The major rock faces are composed of welded tuff ( compressed volcanic Ash) reaching up to 550 ft. The picnic and campground areas sit on top of the rimrock which is made of columnar basalt

There are over 1500 climbing routes in and around the park ,ranging from some of the best sport climbs in the world.

People climb year round but in the summer the temperatures can reach 100 + degrees (f) and in the winter the temps stays close to the freezing mark (32f) during the day. Spring and fall are the best and most popular climbing months.

If you click on this photo you can see the climber on the side of the rock

Well another day in beautiful Central Oregon till next time

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Drake Park Bends favorite gathering place

Another place one should visit when in Bend is Drake Park Mirror Pond it is a beautiful park with lots of activities in the summer time, along with some great wildlife. Many ducks to watch. Lots of entertainment throughout the summer. Beautiful view of the mountains on a clear day.

This is my grandson Cody who spent some time with us for about 2 weeks this winter, here he is standing on the stage of what they use in the summertime for Munch N Music
Great entertainment on Thursday nights be sure and check this site out
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Friday, July 25, 2008

Pilot Butte

Pilot Butte Click here for information
When in Bend and you like to hike, a hike up Pilot Butte is a must. Once you get to the top the view is spectacular. You can see all over Bend on a clear day. In the summer time you can drive or walk up the hill. But the hike is worth it if you can do it. I just take lots of rest stops.

Be sure to click on photos for better viewing
Again another day in Central Oregon till next time.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Around Town of Bend

A waterfall without the water , I took this photo this winter so I think they had the water turned off.

A water tower right in town isn't it pretty?
This is a statue in Downtown Bend.When you first see the statue from a distant it really looks like someone is sitting there. I am never fond of going downtown but a lot of people seem to like it, as they are always asking were downtown is. It is the gateway to many activities that people like to go too. They have all sorts of different shops down there. I guess my question is? Don't you have a town with shops? Ok I said I wasn't a shopper. It is also how you get to Drake Park which is a beautiful Park. A must see when you come to Bend.
Photos of Drake Park later on.
Here is one of the churches. One day I need to look to see when it was built and maybe get some inside photos.
This is one of the underpasses looks pretty old huh?
This is the road we take to turn into Walmarts. You can see the mountains in the distance, one thing I have found is that the mountains here are beautiful no matter what time of the yr. as long as it is a clear day you can see them all.

Click on photos for better viewing
Till next time in Central Or
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