Monday, September 29, 2008

Silver Creek Resevoir

Since we were so close to Silverton we wanted to stop and see the falls and do some hiking, well that was a big disappointment because we had Princess with us and most of all the trails it said no dogs. More on that later.

Silverton Resevoir is a 65 acre inpoundment on Silver Creek located in the Cascade foothills 2.5 miles southeast of the city of Silverton Or. on Rt 214
The Reservoir serves the purpose of flood control on the creek as well as acting as a water supply for the city.
The lake is popular in the spring and summer as a recreation area. Stocked with roughly 20,000
hatchery trout each spring and early summer, the lake also provides opportunities to catch bullhead catfish. Swimming is also quite popular on warm summer days as well as recreational boating, though only electric motors are allowed.

Since the reservoir was created in 1960, there has been fear in Silverton that Silver Creek Dam might someday give way. Though structural engineers have declared the dam safe and deemed the conditions for a dam breach to be almost out of the realm of possibility, studies have found that a collapse of the dam would be catastrophic to the city below.

If you click on the photo you can see the rope that people have used to jump off, when the sign so not too.

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marina said...

Great view! I wish I could see it in real!