Friday, September 5, 2008

Pringle Falls Campground

So Wednesday we decided to drive to La Pine to see Sharon & Don but on the way i decided to go to Pringle Falls. Well we found the campground but nothing on the literature that i printed out said we had to walk a ways to get to the falls, which we never did find. OH HUM! Ok so here is the sign to the falls. I have to say that the road to the campground is a bit to be desired, i wonder how often it is used by RVer's

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This is the road to it, one lane and bumpy and not well cared for.Sure wouldn't want to take my motor home into it, you would be shaken to death.Lots of loose bolts for sure.

Nice place to sit by did keep looking up that way to see if i could see a fall )-:

Does have toilets and garbage

So there was a drowning on the falls, here is the link to that story and what they say about rafting in that area if you have ideas of doing so.I didn' t know that there was certain levels of rafting, but then you wouldn't catch me doing it. I don't like water that well.
Next stop is Wickiup Butte & campground

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PERBS said...

Any time you have water or SNOW, that's my kind of place!