Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lava Butte

Our trip to Lava Butte Click on here for information and when they are open, we have lived here for 16 yrs and never went to the very top, a must see for sure, absolutely breath taking. Sorry i posted a lot of photos on this but well worth checking out. But your own eyes are much better to view this amazing place.

When you click on this photo you can see the power lines.
Below you can see some of the trails that you can take from the visitors center, we didn't do any of those, we drove to the top were the look out tower is. This is looking down

Son standing at the top by the tower, in the back ground you can see Hwy 97

This little fellow kept following us, he sure was a cutie, i think he was looking for a hand out.


Yolanda said...

I was here about two weeks ago too. Small world isn't it?

PERBS said...

Interesting trip with your son. Beautiful area.