Monday, September 29, 2008

Silver Creek Falls Part 1

We wanted to hit some of the trails At Silver Creek Falls and of course we always take Princess as she loves to walk, But soon found that all signs said No Dogs. So i guess this might have to be another trip and we park at the campground so we can leave her in the motor home but a shame as we love to take her. Might be a long time before we go there again.
So North Falls is the only falls we were able to see from the distant since we were not allowed to take Princess on the trail, so we just parked at the top and took these photos of the falls.

Just thought i would post some of the foliage around there. Lots of nice ferns
Be sure to click on the photos for better viewing, here you can see the trail
Silver Falls offers more than 9,000 acres of spectacular scenery.
The park’s most famous feature, The Trail of Ten Falls, thrills
hikers and photographers. The eight-mile hiking trail passes by
and under some of the stunning waterfalls of the north and south forks
of Silver Creek.
Take a stroll on the paved four-mile bike path, or ride your horse, hike or
mountain bike on more than 25 miles of multi-use trails. Park trails wind
through Douglas-fir and Western hemlock flanked by Oregon grape, salal and
sword fern. Pacific blacktail deer thrive in the lush, temperate rainforest. Black
bear, coyotes and mountain lions (cougars) live in remote park areas.
The spacious lawns and picnic shelters at the South Falls day-use area are perfect
for relaxing. Or, enjoy a swim in Silver Creek along a developed (but unsupervised)
swimming area.

The falls tumble over thick basalt lava flows
resting on softer, older rock.
The softer layers beneath the basalt eroded over
time and created natural pathways behind some
of the falls. Look up and see if you can spot
the many tree “chimneys,” or casts while you
walk behind North Falls. These formed when
lava engulfed living trees, causing the wood to


PERBS said...

Been on all those trails a couple times. Loved hiking around there because of all the waterfalls.

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