Friday, November 7, 2008

Shore Acres Garden Part 6

We stopped at the look out point and spotted these noisy guys, and boy they were noisy, wonder what they were chatting about. Do you ever wonder what they say to each other? Be sure to click on photos so that you can get a better look.
We then went to Shore Acres Garden, it is a nice place but i am sure that it is much prettier in the summer time and during the Christmas season. Here is a website for the lay out of the garden
When we got there we were the only ones there , accept the inmates that were pruning the gardens. Yes they use prisoners to maintain the gardens. Of course there were other people there as well that must know how to do the garden, one fellow said this was a nice way to take some flowers home, as they were cutting all the left over roses and pruning them all back, but the guy said they can't let any of the roses go because they were patented for 10 yrs i think he said. Maybe it was 20yrs. Anyway what was left was pretty.

So here are a few photos i took, definitely go see this place if you get to Coos Bay, i bet it is real pretty when in bloom.


Neal said...

A couple of those shots are really beautiful when you enlarge them. That sounds like an interesting place.

Denise said...

I agree, when you enlarge them you can pick out the wonderful details. Very interesting place, I would love to visit it and of course those seals are a hoot, I would so love to be able to actually hear them. Thanks for the great post.

babooshka said...

We get seals, but not as close as this. Must be fabulous to jsut have then so close.