Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Myrtle Point to Sunset Bay Part 4

So we made it to Sunset Bay campground,Near Charleston beautiful place and full hookups were $16.00 for the night. Not bad. The park is beautiful. Not many people there which sort of surprised us. I will have more photos of the park later.So we decided to go to the beach which wasn't too far away, we went to the Picnic area
Which you had to walk thru this tunnel which was neat, there was foliage all the way to the picnic area

What a nice park it was too. This sign was posted which was interesting
And here is the beach, look at that lonely rock out there with trees that are dead.
Oh you should of seen Princess with her first beach experience, she didn't know what to do when the water came gushing to her
Does she look like she is having a good time? She did drink some of the water and i think went YUCK!

We thought about hiking to the Shore Acres Garden but it was a bit further and a much higher climb then i wanted to go with thongs on.So here is some photos of a short walk that we did take to it

Looks at this tree with the roots spread out and all that moss on it.Love the reflection in the water as well.
Click on photos for better viewing

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