Monday, November 17, 2008

Lunch at Anchor Grill Part 11

Ok so another one of the stupidest things we did was leave Tugman campground not knowing that we were only a few miles from Winchester. Dumb! Dumb! Dumb! Well anyway we got a campground at Winchester called Windy Cove nice state park, i think there was only about 3 other rigs there the whole night. Must say that everything we saw aroung the areas we went too was pretty much empty. Well anyway full hookup was $18.00
Windy Cove A (541-271-4138) and Windy Cove B (541-271-5634) are located adjacent to Salmon Harbor at Winchester Bay via Hwy 101, 4 miles south of Reedsport. Camp sites at Windy Cove A are “first come, first serve”. 21 hookup sites (out of 40) are reservable at Windy Cove B through the park office (541-957-7001). We also accept reservations for 8 of our 29

Anyway we decided to get some lunch before heading over to the Umpqua Lighthouse
and decided to stop at the Anchor Grill, you see those bushes well there must of been about 50 birds that decided to land in there, and let me tell ya, i tried real hard to capture them with my camera, but have to say they hid very well in there.

The restaurant was nice and clean, with nice atmosphere.
Nevada had there Clam Chowder which he said was very good, we knew that we didn't want to stop at any Mo's restaruant because the last few times we did there clam chowder tasted more like potatoe soup than clam.
I chose the mushroom burger and waffle fries, very good as well so i highly recommend this place for a decent meal.

They had this hanging on the wall and thought it interesting made me smile anyway

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