Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cascade Lakes Hwy.

I woke up Sunday morning and told Nevada that i had been cooped up long enough and a drive was in order. So we packed a few munchies and loaded up in the jeep, we hadn't driven it much so thought it needed to go for a stroll in the hills.
We stopped at Fred Meyers to fill up, yikes it cost $79. 00 bucks to fill it up, I think it was $4.18 with the card. I guess the jeep has a bigger tank then the Envoy.

Ok well we head to Mt Bachelor as i wanted to do the Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway
So forgetting that we had to have a pass we stopped at Todd Lake
As we had never walked into it. Yes you have to walk there, you can park in the parking area, well we got our day pass which was $5.00 yikes the price sure went up i think it used to be $3
Anyway as we were getting ready to go these folks stopped and said it was really muddy getting to the lake, and only having my flip flops we decided to by pass it this time again.

Here is the little falls just before you get to the parking area of Todd LakeWe continued on and stopped at Sparks Lake were the view is spectacular and there is a few camping places for your rv's or just tenting .The campground is called Soda Creek and it is a free camping area it has 10 sites with vaulted toilets up to a 30 ft Motor home.
Princess sure had a good time licking up some nice cold water out of the stream. We also spotted a few frogs

Please click on photos for better viewing
We continued on but will post that in my next post.

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Paulie said...

I have been past Mt. Bachelor but never there. So close and yet so far!