Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Around Town of Bend

A waterfall without the water , I took this photo this winter so I think they had the water turned off.

A water tower right in town isn't it pretty?
This is a statue in Downtown Bend.When you first see the statue from a distant it really looks like someone is sitting there. I am never fond of going downtown but a lot of people seem to like it, as they are always asking were downtown is. It is the gateway to many activities that people like to go too. They have all sorts of different shops down there. I guess my question is? Don't you have a town with shops? Ok I said I wasn't a shopper. It is also how you get to Drake Park which is a beautiful Park. A must see when you come to Bend.
Photos of Drake Park later on.
Here is one of the churches. One day I need to look to see when it was built and maybe get some inside photos.
This is one of the underpasses looks pretty old huh?
This is the road we take to turn into Walmarts. You can see the mountains in the distance, one thing I have found is that the mountains here are beautiful no matter what time of the yr. as long as it is a clear day you can see them all.

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Till next time in Central Or
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Paulie said...

The waterfall with the salmon swimming upstream is just gorgeous! I bet it would be even more so with the water running against the salmon!

Dina said...

Paulie took the words out of my mouth.