Monday, February 22, 2016

One of our enclosed cat houses

When we bought this house the plus was all the outdoor buildings that were here, our first priorty was to enclose the buildings so the cats could go outside and be safe from predators. Hubby took a old car port parts and put them together to the other buildings and put chicken wire to the sides and the top , no predators or cats can get out or in, the building to the left was a old chicken coop that he remodled inside and the shop has a section that was also enclosed so that the cats have a place in both buildings to hang out in
 here is Ben enjoying the grass, he is not crazy about too much humane contact, which this is one of the cat houses that the cats are in, or they have behavior issues
 Here is part of the walk way to the chicken coop were they can go in, with dirt to roll in and well yes they like to use it to potty in as well, It gets cleaned several times a week.
 Here is the inside of the chicken coop that he put sheet rock up plastered and painted, the holes are were the chicken layed there eggs, all remodefied with insallation for the cats to be warm in
 I got this kid bed at a garage sale for $5 bucks they like to lay in it


Penelope Puddlisms said...

Welcome back to blogging! What a pretty pink place for your pet to settle in.

Donna said...

Just found your link again Lilli...
Wow! Been awhile... Doesn't look like you're still blogging but I'll try anyway.
Have a happy Summer!