Monday, February 15, 2016

More of our deer

The first photo is of Scarfaces 2 babies one was the little buck that was killed by the coyotes
 This is Baby that is what i call her, she broke her leg from getting caught in a fence, it is looking so much better and is almost able to walk on it, I worry about her when  she doesnt show up but sometimes she goes with mom now that she can walk better, Hung close by
 you can see the swollen front leg here, but she uses it now
 So here are a few of our bucks that come for breakfast and dinner, i have about 6 to 7 show up daily yes he is on my deck,
 Isnt those horns handsome looking?

 This is purple tag, have not figured out why he was tagged but i am assuming he had an injury at one time and they fixed him up and then tagged him, there is a doe that they call 22 because she too has a tag and was rescued from a bucket around her neck, she was here when it was mating season along with purple tag, but since then i have not seen them back here
 So the does have been coming after the bucks get here, i guess the figured out that there will be food waiting for them if they wait, The bucks are very aggressive towards them when it comes to food, i have about 20 deer that show up

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eileeninmd said...

How cool, I love the beautiful deer. They never come too close to our place, maybe late at night. Wonderful photos. Enjoy your day!