Thursday, February 5, 2009

Town of Millican Or

Well in my last post i said i would share the town of Millican, the smallest town. So here is what you have, An old shack, not sure what it was used for. But sure has seen its better days.
And here is what's left of the rest of the town. Nothing but a old run down store that has been vandalized. Now if you would like to buy this small town it is for sale. This is what you get.
At one time it had a Rv Park, not sure how many yrs ago cause i really don't ever remember seeing anyone parked there in the 16 yrs we have lived in this part of country.
So here is the front of the store with the for Sale Sign on it.
Be sure to click on the photos for better viewing.
Now come back tomorrow for the rest of what Millican really has to offer that is an interesting place to visit in the summer time.


2sweetnsaxy said...

Cool! Wouldn't it be interesting to own your own little town? I could be mayor, sheriff and judge. :-) If I had the money I'd do it just to see what it would be like.

I really like that first shot.

Janie said...

I read the article you linked to. A town for sale is pretty intriguing. Yes, if I were a lottery winner, I'd put in my bid and see what could be done with the place.

Gail - Fort Rock Glimpses said...

Well that does it! I hafta go to the Pine Mtn. Observatory next summer. I've lived too close for too long. I have also heard of some rare flowers up there.