Tuesday, February 3, 2009

China Hat Rd

Our trip carried us on and down a side road, can't remember what the number of the road was but it turned out to lead us to Millican Or.
Here we passed a couple of rigs that had there Atv's or motor cross bikes, having a great time i am sure.

Here is a sign that we passed leaving East Fort Rock Trail. we continued on
And saw this sign Entering South Millican. If you click on the photos you can read them
No matter were you go in the desert you can usually see these beautiful mountains.
And it is always amazing when we go, you will find a ranch somewhere you never would think anything would be out here, Here is a ranch and i am not sure if anyone lives there or not, i had to Zoom in on it to be able to capture this much of it. NO Electric out here.

Here is a watering trough that i am not sure still is in use or not, Maybe in the spring they bring some cattle out here, always surprised to see them and wonder what they really eat, and how can they maintain there weight. Maybe the desert has more food value then we think.

Here is a sign as we to get to Hwy 20 and back to China Hat Rd. It sure seemed like it was further than what we drove, but i guess when your driving slow it just seems that way.And i hope that you see all that desert sage and rocks
And it is always surprising to run into things like this out in the desert making you wonder what it was, I wanted to get a better look but there were signs up that said Private Property Stay out. So again i had to zoom in. Nevada thought it might of been a motorcycle race tracking or something to do with that.

And just as we got back on the main Hwy 20 here was this little doll house along with a tractor trailer, looks like it had been just laying there for years. Makes me wonder why this little doll house was there.
Check back to get the rest of our trip to Millican Or.
Deep in the high desert of Central Oregon, on a lonely terrain thick with sage brush and juniper trees where there are far more antelope, bobcats and jack rabbits than people, lies one of America's tiniest towns.Quote from the New York Times.


Reader Wil said...

Thank you so much for the great trip through the deserts. It's an interesting series of photos in a world where most of us cannot come.

John said...

Nice photo series Lilli. It looked like you had a great trip.

Lawstude said...

wow. thank you for the amazing trip. i am sure i will also have the time of my life exploring that place.

for now, let me share my white water rafting adventure to you here.

have a nice day.