Monday, December 15, 2008

This is my world

This is my World

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In my world this week we are having some really cold weather, and our first real snow. I know there are places that have it worse then us, so i really shouldn't be complaining. But our temperature has dropped to -1 at one point. It is suppose to be that way for a couple more days.
Anyway here is a photo of that stray cat that has the babies i can't find. I finally decided to bring her into the office. Do you think she is one Happy Cat? Problem is she has babies and so i have to let her out several times a day, which she is not liking. Now talk about spoiled, I carry her to the edge of the property,put her under the Juniper tree were she goes potty and leave her, she then goes and feeds her babies were ever they are,we looked early this morning at the cable place and found her tracks and then they stopped. She has them hid well.

So everyone is doing a lot of snow shoveling, i love the hat this guy is wearing, keeps everything on the head nice and warm.
So what is the temperature in your part of the world?

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chrome3d said...

In southern Finland it has been around 1-3C (33-37F) for a week and there is no snow.

Indrani said...

I am sure the cat must be happy!
Nice collage of your world!

Louise said...

We just had our first real snow (right here--it's snowed around here) today, too. Still snowing. And in the 20's. Supposed to be in the 40's tomorrow, so it will mostly be gone by tomorrow night.

I'm all stressed about your cat. I hope those babies appear!

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful that you are taking care of the stray cat while the weather is so poor throughout the country. I hope her babies will make it through the cold just fine.

Happy Holidays.....

JennWasHere said...

Brrr.... I really cannot take cold temperatures like that.

Have a look at my world here.

Guy D said...

Today it was -31Celsius here in Regina. Thank the lord I am going to Mexico next week for Christmas. Have a great week!

Regina In Pictures

Arija said...

Funny you complaining about snow, I'd be thrilled. the temperature in British Columbia was -30 yesterday!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Not as cold as where you are!A lot of our snow melted over the weekend but it's below freezing today so I guess that's the end of the melt for a while!

The Good Life in Virginia said...

it is in the high 30s this evening in roanoke, virginia and raining off/on.
have a good week.

Gaelyn said...

So now you have a kitty to keep you warm. It was sunny and in the low 60s here today.

Happy New Year!

Powell River Books said...

Kitties always have a way of finding a warm spot even on a cold day. We are warming up a bit here in Coastal BC, hope you are too. - Margy