Friday, October 31, 2008

Trip to the Coast part 1

The road that leads to Roseburg from Bend. Our starting date 10-27-08
This is Hwy 138 that goes to Diamond Lake, Please click on so you can read about Diamond Lake and all the wonders of things to do and campgrounds, Glide, the fascination of that small community is the Colliding Rivers. The only place in the world where two rivers meet head-on. The North Umpqua River flows generally from the northeast, and the Little River flows generally from the southwest. As they get closer to one another, they happen to take a north/south approach, until they basically meet head-on. The lesser Little River loses its name to the larger river as they flow roughly westard together as one river, the North Umpqua River and Roseburg.

You can see how the fall colors are here more than in Bend as we drive down that way.
If you click on the photo and look at that rock it looks like a head of an indian. well it does to me anyway.

There were a lot of cones along this part of the road due to the fire they had this summer, the road was closed for sometime, there must of been trees that fell as some of the railings were broken.
Another interesting rock formation
There was quite a bit of water in the river this yr at this time. usually there isn't that much. so must of been a good snow fall this yr for sure to keep the river up.Since the fire i don't think that the campgrounds did very well this yr as they were all closed up, not sure if they close them this early in the yr. But you could still smell the burn as you drove down this part of the Hwy.
Our drive took us past the Dry Creek Store which i looked up on the internet and discovered that the place is for sale, so here is his website if your interested in a small business. I found it interesting that almost the same photo i got as a drive by he has on his website dated 10-31-07

Beautiful fall colors
The bridge to cross to go into Glide

Beautiful green scenery with a beautiful blue sky.


Jan said...

What a wonderful post, and trip. I haven't been to OR. for a long time, but plan on visiting Colliding Rivers, if I get the chance. Thanks.

Norm said...

wow! I love the view, it's a beautiful place...

Reader Wil said...

Thank you for the wonderful trip!

PERBS said...

My favorite photo of this group s the second one --it shows such dimension! I also like the river and the bridge and the stone "sculptures" and . . . great job! Thanks for the tour.